This page was originally published in March 2020 and will be updated with important information about the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on bg真人游戏 transit service. 

更新,1月. 10: 

  • 可能的延误: bg真人游戏 is operating reduced schedules. If there are significant delays due to staffing issues, notices about delays will be sent through bg真人游戏通知 and will not be posted on this web page. 访问 bg真人游戏通知 to learn how to sign up for text, email or phone notifications for the routes you use. For next available bus, contact the Regional 调用 Center at  on weekdays, or use online trip planners and bus trackers. 汽车跟踪器: 交通的应用:
  • 失去了 & Found and 东村运输中心 for February 2022: Customer Service staff will not be present at 东村运输中心 through February, 因此失去了 & Found item pick-up appointments are suspended until further notice. Only medication, 钱包 and keys will be returned through 失去了 & 发现1月. A pick-up location will be communicated to customer if the item is found, or customers may be able to arrange a same day pick-up directly from the bus on which the item was lost. 由于人手短缺, customers may experience longer wait times when calling the Regional 调用 Center.
  • 票价:暂停 票价 are suspended on all bg真人游戏 buses, including those operated by KCATA, 约翰逊县, 堪萨斯城, 堪萨斯, 和独立, Mo. 票价 are expected to remain suspended for the time being. 票价 resumed on 199 Micro Transit and 499 Micro Transit on Nov. 9, 2020. 
  • 联邦口罩令: Under the Centers for Disease Control's order, face masks are required on bg真人游戏 buses, 辅助客运系统, 微型交通和KC有轨电车. This order details how and where masks should be worn. 看到 《bg真人游戏》 的更多信息.
  • bg真人游戏有轨电车: Effective May 24, the KC Streetcar the hours of service are: 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. 星期一至星期四,上午6点.m. -周五午夜7点.m. -周六午夜和早上7点.m. 10 p.m. 在星期天.
  • 所有乘车地点: 乘客可能 在前门或后门登机
  • COVID Testing Sites at 交通中心: 定期的 测试网站 是9.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday at 东村运输中心, 75th & Prospect Transit Center and Boardwalk Square Transit Center. COVID-19 testing (PCR) is no cost to you, and and is open to the public. bg真人游戏 and the City of 堪萨斯城, Mo., Health Department are providing access to COVID-19 Testing at two of our transit center locations, 与cure医院合作. Test results are delivered electronically within 1-2 days upon receipt of the sample at the lab. To schedule an appointment, visit 有疗效的.com. Walk-ins and on-site registration are available.



  • 失物招领政策: Pickup is at by appointment only on Mondays and Thursdays at the 东村运输中心第十二街和夏洛特街. KCATA将收集并存储密钥, 钱包, 钱包, 移动电话, 笔记本电脑, 眼镜, 和药物治疗. 有五天的暂停期. All other items, except bicycles, will be discarded.
    更新丢失自行车政策: 失去了 bicycle pickup will move to 1200 E. 18街, by appointment only on Thursdays. 调用 失物招领处. 
  • 印刷bg真人游戏时间表: Printed bus schedules and maps are now 仅根据要求提供. They are not available on board buses. You may request them via phone or email. Complete schedules are also available at bg真人游戏.org 在Transit应用程序中.
  • bg真人游戏 service in 约翰逊县, 堪萨斯, routes has 临时改变计划 在一些路线.
  • bg真人游戏 is sanitizing buses on a daily basis.
  • Most in-person meetings at KCATA are suspended. KCATA 委员会会议 将通过电话会议进行.  

bg真人游戏 is proactively taking steps to minimize exposure to customers and employees, bg真人游戏请求你们的帮助, 也.


  • KCATA is wiping down surfaces on buses with a sanitizer daily.
  • Buses are being sanitized multiple times a week with a misting sanitizer using aqueous ozone.
  • Hand sanitizer is available on each bus for customer use.
  • Face masks are required for bus operators and passengers.

Here’s what bg真人游戏 customers can do:

  • 请确认您的目的地是开放的.
  • Wear a mask at bus stops and on board buses. 经常洗手. Avoid touching your face after being in public places..
  • If you see an unhygienic surface on the bus or at a shelter, 向接线员报告, 另一个交通员工, 或者拨打客服电话 .
  • Distance yourself from other riders as needed to avoid spreading the virus.   

bg真人游戏 will immediately remove buses from service for cleaning if a passenger creates an unsanitary condition on a bus from a sickness of any kind.

Many questions about novel coronavirus can be answered at the KCMO.org网站.

About the misting sanitizers used by bg真人游戏: The misters use stabilized aqueous ozone. 化合物为H203. H203 is food-grade safe and there is no chemical harm. Stabilized aqueous ozone is a safe, sustainable alternative to traditional chemical cleaners and sanitizers. It has been used to sanitize drinking water, produce and surgical instruments.